So It Begins

The Redwood Run Support Team met last night at the top of Elk Ridge overlooking stunning views of Southern Humboldt. We gathered at Dylan’s home and business, Elk Prairie Vineyard. The future of the Redwood Run and it’s location were the main topic but really, we just show up for Dylan’s wife’s amazing food... okay, so not the only reason we show up, but a damn good reason none the less.

As we sat on his covered deck eating amazing food and catching up as a team, it wasn’t long before the conversations heated up.

On the table: Where and when to have the 2019 Redwood Run.

Traditonally the Run has been held the second weekend in June. This past year due to a change in venue and last minute issues with the permits attached to the property, we were left with no choice except to cancel the Run or move it north. What we never expected was to fall in love with the Blue Lake venue, let alone the staff. When you add that to the uncertainty of location and the trauma we endured with the permitting snafu with the Cook’s Valley property last year, Blue Lake is very enticing.

Blue Lake has already extended their invitation for 2019. They want us back. If we say yes, we can start promoting and selling tickets immediately...

However, we never went into last year with the intention of taking the Redwood Run out of our immediate community.

Back home we are facing the same issues we were last year: no location, overworked planning departments, new relationships and no guarantees. We’ve checked out and spoken with several property owners locally. We have history here, that can be both good and bad. We want to work with people that support and WANT the Redwood Run, not just a paycheck. Even with early planning, we are at the mercy of the planning department’s scheduling, and often don’t receive the Mendocino permit until April for a June Run. That makes us nervous...

However, this is the Redwood Run’s home. And although we loved the Redwood Run - Blue Lake Rally, it is definitely a different run.

So what to do? Go where we are welcomed and we can put on a guaranteed show with major support? Or roll the dice on an untested relationship with potential partners in a venue and the County Planning Department?

Financially, Blue Lake is the better horse to back. But... none of us got into this for the money. We volunteer. We lose money. We work endless hours and have aggravated spouses. For what?


We believe in this event. We believe in the biker community. We believe and support the Redwood Run Family, all of you.

So after many pitches, lots of back and forth, we have reached a unanimous decision regarding 2019...

(drum roll please)

We are bringing the Redwood Run home for the second weekend in June. We have two properties we are deciding between in the Piercy area. As soon as thats finalized and the contract is signed, we’ll be submitting our necessary permits with the county and charging forward with an old-school, self-contained weekend of Redwood Run fun. Mark your calendars now, because it’s on like Donkey Kong.

But don’t put that pen away just yet... you’ll be wanting to mark down Labor Day Weekend for Redwood Run - Blue Lake Rally.

We believe there’s room for both events, one to start the season, one to close it. They’re different events with different vibes ran with the same heart.

We believe in these communities and family so much, we are willing to double the work load, double the risk, and ultimately, double the fun.

Jump on board, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

UPDATE: I've received confirmation from Kenny that we have locked in a location with an existing permit! This year's Redwood Run will be held on June 7th & 8th at the Richardson Grove Campground - 750 Hwy - 101, Garberville, Ca 95542 just North of the old site. Stay tuned as information is released.

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